CNNC and Guodian preparatory work for Zhangzhou NGS

CNNC and Guodian preparatory work for Zhangzhou NGS


The Fujian administration recently approved the overseas environmental impact assessment report for the installation of clean water pipelines in Zhangzhou NGS.

Zhangzhou 7.5 GW nuclear power projects include six AP1000 units. The Ministry of Environment protection and security authorities and the Energy Department of Alan will carry out subsequent investigations.

According to local data, annual electricity production will provide the following:

  • 225 billion CNY revenue to be generated
  • Gross Domestic Rate will increase 26.6 billion CNY
  • 3.4 Billion CNY per year will be payed for taxes
  • 1.67 Million job opportunities in the fields of creativity and conservation will be directly created


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