CNI 23 hoisted in place equipment for new build

CNI 23 hoisted in place equipment for new build

On May 26, the first pre-installed equipment- the compressed air tank- for Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Unit 1, which was built by China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd (CNI-23), was successfully lifted into place, marking the official start of the installation of auxiliary equipment for nuclear island of Zhangzhou Unit 1.

The delivery air chamber (compressed air tank) is a nuclear safety level 3 equipment, weighing 2150 kg. It is mainly used for storing compressed air in the delivery air distribution system.

In parallel, CNI 23 managed to lift the main pump motors for Unit 6 of both Tianwan and Hongyanhe NPP. Main Pump Motor is one of the major components in the primary loop, of which the flipping & erection & hoisting are key milestones in the process of main pump installation. It would pave a way for the construction of nuclear island afterwards.

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