CNEA in the 7th East Asia Nuclear Forum

CNEA in the 7th East Asia Nuclear Forum

On November 6, 2019, the 7th East Asia Nuclear Forum was held in Gyeongju, South Korea. At this meeting, Chinese mainland and Taiwan district, Japan, South Korea reached consensus on participating in Fukushima wastewater treatment, building the website of the East Asia Nuclear Forum, and strengthening the sharing and exchange of nuclear information in East Asia.

Zhang Tingke, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA), led a delegation to attend. During the meeting, he pointed out that China’s nuclear power industry will still face the dual challenges of safety and economy in the future. Through artificial intelligence, modularization and standardization efforts, it can effectively improve the competitiveness of nuclear power and at the same time increase the public’s acceptance to nuclear.

The conference attracted senior executives and professionals from nearly 100 nuclear energy industry companies covering South Korea, Japan, Chinese mainland and Taiwan district. It focused on the safety improvement of nuclear power plants and the improvement of nuclear safety culture and feedback on the operation experience. Zheng Zaixun, the general manager of Korea Hydropower Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (KHNP) and the chairman of the Korea Atomic Energy Industry Association, also promised that he will lead the team to participate in the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Safe Operation in Beijing in May 2020, hosted by China Nuclear Energy Association.

After the meeting, the organizers organized a visit to the Korea Nuclear Power Maintenance Technology Center, the waste disposal agency and the headquarters of the Korea Hydropower Nuclear Power Company.

Before the meeting, Chinese representatives also exchanged views with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and KOPEC and visited ATLAS facilities, in order to have a general idea of  the development of Korean nuclear power industries.


* The East Asia Nuclear Forum serves as a private forum to promote effective exchanges through the establishment of a private network of cooperation between nuclear industry associations in Chinese mainland, Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taiwan district, thereby enhancing the peaceful use and safety of nuclear energy in East Asia.

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