The clash for Zhangzhou nuclear power plant

The clash for Zhangzhou nuclear power plant


  • Release Date: October 18, 2016

The National Nuclear Safety Administration of PRC (NNSA) has recently approved the site safety analysis report for the Phase One of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant Project., located in Zhangzhou city (Fujian Province).


Although NNSA approved to build four AP1000 reactors in Zhangzhou, CNNC is negotiating with the regulator to adopt the Hualong No.1 technology and to abandon the AP1000, which was already chosen in Xudapu and Cangzhou projects.


CNNC-Guodian Zhangzhou Energy Company*, the owner of Zhangzhou nuclear power project, will soon conduct the seismic impact assessment in the design stage of the nuclear power plant to accelerate the construction of the nuclear power plant by end of this year.


*CNNC-Guodian Zhangzhou Energy Company has been jointly funded by CNNC (51%) and China Guodian Corporation (49%) in 2011. CNNC is in charge of the operation of the nuclear power plant.

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