CIAE-Muon imaging testing technology

CIAE-Muon imaging testing technology

The Nuclear Technology Department of China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE) has successfully obtained laboratory images for the first time by utilizing cosmic-ray muon imaging technology. As a high-energy ray, the cosmic ray–muon has a very strong penetrating ability, which can penetrate the shielding layer, and detect the hidden items inside. It has also led to the development and application of muon detection technology in nuclear anti-terrorism and the smuggling inspection of nuclear materials.

The Muon research group of CIAE has overcome many technical problems such as the fabrication process of drift tubes, the influence of interference signals, the coincidence of Muon signals, and the image reconstruction method, and has developed the largest device for imaging detection in China.

One of the great advantages of the Muon imaging test is that it is natural radiation and does not cause additional radiation to personnel. In addition, it has extensive application prospects in archeology, volcano measurement, and reactor core monitoring.

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