CIAE-CNNC export to Turkey

CIAE-CNNC export to Turkey

China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE)is an important research and development (R&D) base in China. On May 14th, the non-destructive testing (NDT) electron linear accelerator developed by the Nuclear Technology Division of CIAE was officially shipped to Turkey. Itis the first case for CNNC to export high-end accelerator manufacturing equipment.

Cao Shudong, deputy general manager of CNNC, Xue Xiaogang, Director of the Military-civilian Integration Office/Nuclear Technology Application Industry Department, and Heads from Division of Science and Technology and Information, Department of Market Development and Capital Operation, and Wan Gang, President of CIAE, and Liu Senlin, Chief expert of CNNC attended the equipment shipping.

In January 2018, CIAE and China Isotope & Radiation Corporation under CNNC signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the transfer, transformation, and industrialization of Accelerator’s scientific and technological achievements, and they plan to cooperate to build an industrialization company affiliated to CNNC in the field of accelerators. At present, two parties have reached preliminary consensus on the cooperation to develop linear accelerators, radiation accelerators, and PET cyclotrons.

*Electronic accelerator is the source technology for nuclear application. It is the most advanced radiation device in the world and the most complex and the most core equipment for nondestructive inspection systems. At present, only a few developed countries such as the United States and Germany have the ability to manufacture nondestructive testing accelerators.

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