CHN Energy steps in Gen-IV nuclear technology

CHN Energy steps in Gen-IV nuclear technology

On November 8, Mr. Ling Wen, general manager of CHN Energy and Li Xiaohong, president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, met with Bill Gates, chairman of TerraPower, in Beijing.

Mr. Ling Wen introduced CHN Energy and the willingness to step in Gen-IV nuclear technology. The two sides agreed they will strengthen cooperation in the field of clean energy, especially nuclear power, and will jointly work on the promotion and application of Gen-IV nuclear power technology in China. The Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Cooperation Department of CHN Energy attended the meeting.

Mr. Bill Gates was nominated as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017.  During the meeting in Beijing, Li Xiaohong took the opportunity to present him the foreign academician certificate.

NβN Tip: CHN Energy is a newly established State Owned Enterprise in 2017, from the merger between China Guodian and China Shenhua.  CHN Energy has 8 industrial sectors including coal, thermal power, new energy, hydropower, transportation, chemical, science and technology, environmental protection, and finance. CHN Energy is the world’s largest coal production company, thermal power generation company, wind power generation company and coal-to-oil coal chemical company.


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