The Chinese nuclear security technology alliance

The Chinese nuclear security technology alliance

On January 9, a signing ceremony of “Four Partie Strategic Cooperation Agreement” among China TechEnergy Co., Ltd. (“CTEC”) and the Fifth Research & Design Institute of Nuclear Industry, Tsinghua University Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology (“INET”) and TianHe Science Industry Co. Ltd (“THSIC”) was held in Beijing Office of China General Nuclear Power Group.


Under the strategic cooperation agreement, the four parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of physical protection system for the nuclear industry and seek long-term development. Specific cooperation includes: project information sharing, to provide technical solutions for the overall physical protection system and product co-operation and industry promotion etc.


The signing of the “Quartet Strategic Cooperation Agreement” aims at giving full play to their respective advantages and building a strategic cooperative partnership featuring win-win cooperation and sustainable development, establishing a nuclear security technology alliance.


Director of Nuclear Security Department of State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense Mr. Liu Weidong was also invited to attend the signing ceremony.


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