China’s SMR pilot project

China’s SMR pilot project

CNNC recently announced that its design review of the Hainan Changjiang SMR Demonstration Project using its own brand “Linglong 1” technology (ACP100) was completed, laying the foundation for the engineering application of modular small reactors.

The Hainan Changjiang “Linglong No.1” demonstration project is the first small reactor demonstration project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to carry out preliminary work. It plans to build an ACP100 unit with a single-unit arrangement for a construction period of 36 months. It will use the Changjiang nuclear power plant’s mature site conditions for engineering construction.

ACP100 was considering to site in Lanzhou-Gansu Province, Hengyang-Hunan Province, and Putian-Fujian Province, and Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province had also signed a contract with CNNC New Energy Co., Ltd. to establish the ACP100 small reactor project, but none of the above projects has been approved or completed till now.


Industry analysts pointed out that 45 innovative small and medium-sized reactor concepts have emerged in the world. Nuclear power countries such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea have all increased the research and development of small reactors.

Some countries have already shown interest in “Linglong No. 1” technology and expressed their willingness to cooperate. CNNC revealed that it has conducted negotiations with Pakistan, Iran, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Brazil, Egypt and Canada.

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