China’s first nuclear project in the UK

China’s first nuclear project in the UK

He Yu, Chairman of China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), declared recently at the Boao Forum for Asia CEO Roundtable Event that under the “One Belt One Road” initiative, CGN will increase its investment in international clean energy development, including nuclear energy.

China’s first nuclear power project in Britain – Hinckley Point C project entered the implementation phase. The Bradwell B project, which will use “Hualong No. 1”, has now started the site exploration assessment.

The president of CGN indicated that “Hualong 1” could bring in more than 5,400 domestic companies in the British market. The amount of industry chain contracts it brought is equivalent to the export of 200 medium-sized commercial airliners.

In addition to nuclear energy, CGN has also made significant gains in the development and construction of international new energy projects in recent years. The installed capacity of new energy sources in overseas markets exceeds 10 GW, ranking first among domestic power companies.

On March 27, CGN’s first photovoltaic project in Malaysia – a Kyrgyzstan photovoltaic power generation project with a total installed capacity of 50 MW, is expected to start operation in March 2019.

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