China’s 9 reactors rank NO.1 in WANO

China’s 9 reactors rank NO.1 in WANO

Recently, the official website of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) stated that in the fourth quarter of 2019, among the 20 nuclear power units in China that met the comprehensive index calculation of the WANO, 9 units reached a perfect score of 100, ranking first in the world.

The nine full-scores units are:

  • Units 1 and 4 of Qinshan Second Nuclear Power Plant
  • Unit 1 of Qinshan Third Nuclear Power Plant
  • Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2
  • Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2
  • Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1
  • Unit 1 of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant


* WANO performance indicators show the performance status of nuclear power plants in terms of nuclear safety, power generation management, power plant equipment reliability, effectiveness, and industrial safety in a quantitative manner. It is used to monitor the operating status and improvement of nuclear power plants. The indicators can promote the exchange of operating experience information between power plants. WANO’s performance indicators encourage power plants to pursue outstanding performance in the industry and encourage power plants to find and exchange good experience in nuclear power operations.

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