China Zhangzhou NPP launch construction

China Zhangzhou NPP launch construction

On October 16, CNNC announced that Hualong No. 1 reactor started construction in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. This is the fifth Hualong No. 1 nuclear power unit built by China National Nuclear Corporation. So far, the bulk production of the “national business card” Hualong No. 1 reactor has officially been launched.

At present, the four Hualong No.1 demonstration projects operated by China National Nuclear Corporation are progressing worldwide in an orderly manner, and it is the only Gen-III PWR progressing as original schedules.

Zhangzhou Energy Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive energy company controlled by China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. As the project owner, it is responsible for the investment, construction and operation management of Zhangzhou nuclear power project. This project plans to build 6 million-kilowatt-class third-generation nuclear power units. Two units in Phase I will feature Hualong No. 1 technology. In addition, Zhangzhou Nuclear Power is a large-scale clean energy base planned by the China National Nuclear Corporation in Fujian Province aiming at exploring a new paradigm for nuclear power development.

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