China University of Nuclear Industry to be launched

China University of Nuclear Industry to be launched

On September 10th, the construction ceremony of the Nuclear Industry University (Tianjin), was held in Tianjin Binhai New Economic Zone, marking the official launch of the project which was undertaken by CNNC-Huaxing Engineering as the EPC company. CNNC’s director Zu Bin attended the start-up ceremony.

Zu Bin pointed out that on June 15, 2018, CNNC and Tianjin signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, which will build up a national-level production and research innovation demonstration base with integrated functions such as technology research and development, talent training, master’s and doctoral education, international academic exchanges. The goal of the Nuclear Industry University is to build a world-class enterprise university to meet the needs of the long-term development of CNNC’s talent cultivation and to create a necessary base to comprehensively improve the training capacity for nuclear industry university, thus to gradually realize the functional orientation of the Nuclear Industry University as the “cradle of talent cultivation, corporate culture base, and decision-making think tank”.

The project will be constructed in phases. The total construction area of ​​the project covers about 74,588 square meters. It will make China’s nuclear resources more concentrated and will certainly become a high-quality strong school in China’s nuclear field.

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