China Shipbuilding overseas expansion

China Shipbuilding overseas expansion

China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co., Ltd (CSSC-NDRI) has recently successfully signed the design contract for the maritime engineering project of Karachi Nuclear Power in Pakistan. This project is the largest nuclear power project in the country, and also the first overseas nuclear project undertaken by NDRI.

Compared to the previous nuclear projects, the maritime engineering develops certain characteristics and technical difficulties in the aspects of long-distance hydraulic tunnel, long submerged tunnel, gate shaft of water intake outlet and open channel as well as breakwater…

In order to expand overseas, NDRI organized since 2015 a professional team to track closely this project and carried out multiple preparatory works, which garnered high recognition between the project owner and the general contractor.

Contrary to the conventional maritime work in China, NDRI’s role has turned from a purely “designer” to “general chief” in this program, overall managing the marine hydrology, thermal effluent/low-level liquid waste, sediment and beaching stability, wave calculation and model test, seismic and water draining hydro-model…

*China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co., Ltd was originally reorganized on the basis of the 9th Design and Research Institute of CSSC, now under China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

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