China’s radioactive waste market

China’s radioactive waste market

Finnish utility company “Fortum” and consulting engineering company “AINS” signed a memorandum of understanding to provide radioactive waste management services for China’s rapidly expanding nuclear industry.

According to the estimated installed nuclear power capacity of 50 GWe by 2020, China’s annual spent fuel production will reach 1,200 tons, with a cumulative total output of about 14,000 tons.

Through the MOU, these companies will serve China’s low- and medium-level waste management. The agreement also strengthens the company’s cooperation with other companies and organizations in Finland, including Finnish VTT Technology Research Center and Posiva Solutions.

AINS pointed out that Finnish nuclear power plant operators are at the forefront of radioactive waste management. “They are the first companies in the world to build a final repository of used nuclear fuel. They have been operating underground disposal facilities for low-level and intermediate waste since the 1990s.”


NβN tip: As China has been increasingly developing its nuclear program, it would have a great pospects for radwaste treatment. The earlier to be involved in this waste disposal business, the greater chance the suppliers will be awarded

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