China pursues “rationality” in nuclear safety

China pursues “rationality” in nuclear safety

China’s nuclear safety program was based on a foundation of “rationality, coordination and advancement”, a joint administration statement announced on Wednesday.

The statement — issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration; the National Energy Administration; and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence — is the first of its kind issued by China.

China has 22 nuclear power generating units in operation and another 26 units are under construction, the most in the world. China’s nuclear history has not seen any incidents of Class II level or above.

Over 110,000 radioactive sources and almost 130,000 ray devices are in operation across the country, making China a huge player in the use of nuclear technology.
In recent years, incidents involving radioactive sources have decreased gradually, the statement said.
Nuclear power construction, which was put on hold following the Fukushima nuclear incident in 2011 in Japan, is seeing good momentum.
Guo Chengzhan, deputy director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, said the statement showed that great attention was being given to nuclear safety, calling for improved awareness of those employees in the industry.

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