China promotes Fusion Energy R&D

China promotes Fusion Energy R&D

On November 18, China Ministry of Science and Technology released a circular on the 2019 annual project application guidelines for Magnetic Confinement Fusion Energy R&D Program. In the principle of stepwise implementation, the State plans to give priority to supporting 11 aspects in the above-mentioned program in 2019, with a total appropriation of 270 million yuan.

In 2019, this program will be mainly engaged in scientific research of fusion reactor to accelerate the development of fusion energy in domestic. In addition, it would carry out large-scale theory and numerical simulation, advanced research of the key technologies in CFETR-China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor as well as fusion materials research and development, thus to keep promoting the fundamental study on magnetic confinement fusion.

The overall goal of this special program is: to aim at the frontier science and cutting-edge technology, strengthening fusion energy technology innovation to develop the key applications. At the same time, it plans to expand the application scope of fusion technology in domestic and cultivate and form a stable and high-level fusion research team.


* Fusion energy has become an ideal energy source in the future in human society due to its rich resources and near pollution-free characteristics. It is one of the most promising ways to completely solve the energy problem. It is of great strategic significance to the sustainable development of China’s economy and society.

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