China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CPECC)

China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CPECC)

China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CPECC) was established on the basis of China Power Engineering Consulting (Group) Co., Ltd under the former State Power Corporation at the end of 2002 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd.


CPECC holds ten wholly-owned enterprises, including six regional (Northeast China, East China, Central Southern China, Northwest China, Southwest China, and North China) electric power design institutes, the China Power Construction Engineering Consulting Corporation, the Investment Co., Ltd., the New Energy Sources Co.,Ltd. , and the International Engineering Co.,Ltd. CPECC has a registered capital of RMB 600 million.


CPECC is a power engineering integrative service provider who is oriented towards both domestic and foreign markets and can provide all kinds of clients (e.g. government sectors, financial institutions, investors, developers and legal persons responsible for projects etc.) with integrative solution services for power projects. Its business mainly covers: electricity planning studies, consultation and evaluation, survey and design, project supervision, EPC projects, investment and operation for power projects, and development of proprietary technology products etc..


CPECC has strong technical force and is equipped with a whole array of disciplines, with rich experience in engineering and strong comprehensive management capabilities for project. CPECC has a staff of more than 9000, among them there are 11 national survey & design masters, 126 experts with the honor of enjoying special government subsidy.


As the “vanguard” and “national team” in China’s electric power engineering services industry, CPECC takes a leading domestic position in the field of electric power survey and design and has a leading advantage in cutting-edge technologies such as extra-super critical unit of 1000MW level, nuclear power conventional island, clean coal power generation, air cooling unit, UHV AC and DC power transmission etc..CPECC has undertaken and completed a series of researches on power development for the State, such as analysis of national electricity market, electric power consumption, power resources & grid planning, transmission of electricity from the western to the eastern region, national grid connection, power industry structure upgrade and optimization etc..


At the same time, it has completed the survey and design for a large number of power generation and transmission projects over the whole county, and hundreds of oversea projects in dozens of foreign countries. CPECC pioneered “EPC construction mode with design as the leading”, and successfully completed China’s first 600MW and 1,000MW units EPC projects. As for the scientific research & standardization work of power engineering, CPECC has been playing a leading role in China’s power survey and design industry, and about 90% of such work was completed by it. CPECC has also undertaken the jobs of introducing, studying and digesting the advanced technologies from abroad, as well as of independent innovation.


In 2013, by right of its good business performance, CPECC has continuously been ranked by ENR (American Engineering News Record) as the “Top 150 Global Design Firms” and “Top 200 International Design Firms” (respectively 43nd and 97th in 2013); as well as in the “Dual Top 60 Chinese Contractors and Design Enterprises (ranked 2nd in top 60 Engineering Design Enterprises).

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