China plans 8 units in 2017

China plans 8 units in 2017

The National Energy Administration (NEA) revealed on 17th that China will actively move forward with the approval and construction of the qualified nuclear power projects within 2017 and is scheduled to launch totally 8 units this year.

The “2017 Energy Work Instructions” released by NEA shows the checklist of China’s major energy projects in 2017:

Hydroelectric—China plans to finish the construction of Lantsang River Miaowei Hydropower station, Dadu River Changheba Hydropower station, and the Houziyan Hydropower station in 2017 with the newly installed capacity of 1000MW. Meanwhile, China will start to build several new hydro-electric stations which will probably contribute the installed capacity of 3000MW.

Nuclear Power—China proposes to finish Sanmen 1, Fuqing 4, Yangjiang 4, Haiyang 1, Taishan 1 etc. which will add up 641MW on the original installed capacities. Besides, China will actively push forward the approval and construction of the qualified nuclear power projects and endeavors to start 8 units within this year. And also China will implement the preparation work of some projects including the Sanmen 3&4, Ningde 5&6, Zhangzhou 1&2, and Huizhou 1&2, which values 986MW in total.

Wind Power—China will construct 2500MW wind power projects and newly add 2000MW installed capacities.

Solar Energy—China will build 2000MW solar power and add the installed capacity of 1800MW.

In 2017, China will also make up for the deficiency in the energy system by building the regulating power stations in the gas-rich areas and the pumped storage power stations in Jiangsu, Guangdong as well as Hainan areas.

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