China Nuclear Power Development Center

China Nuclear Power Development Center


  • Release Date: April 25, 2017

The National Energy Administration of the PRC (NEA) announced the inauguration of the “China Nuclear Power Development Center”, a bureau-level public institution under NEA management.


The Center will mainly focus on the following business scope:

  • Nuclear regulation
  • Planning and policy
  • Standard research
  • Execution of the national major specific program
  • Nuclear construction and operation
  • Safety monitoring
  • Nuclear power plant emergency response
  • Design review for the fire protection
  • Plant operators qualification
  • Training, promotion and popularization regarding the nuclear expertise
  • Consulting and assessment of the nuclear R&D
  • Indigenous innovation of the technical equipment
  • International exchange and cooperation on the nuclear sectors.


The first director appointed to this Center is Mr. Zeng Yachuan. He previously took office as the section chief of the System Reform Section of the COSTIND and he was also the deputy director of the Nuclear Power Department at the NEA.


“This Center will help promote the healthy development of China’s nuclear industry and it is expected to see a peek season in the approval of the nuclear projects soon in China.” a nuclear internal resource disclosed.

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