China Nuclear Plans in 2017

China Nuclear Plans in 2017


  • Release Date: March 10, 2017

The National Energy Administration (NEA) recently indicated that China will complete the construction of five nuclear power reactors and start the construction of eight more in 2017. Planning for a further eight reactors will also be proceeded this year.

In addition, The NEA said China will promote the export of its nuclear power technology after the planned construction of several units of Hualong One in Karachi (Pakistan), as well as the promotion of the reactor design in the UK.


The country will also strengthen its nuclear cooperation with other countries, including Russia and the USA. It will also seek “steady progress” on nuclear power project cooperation with Argentina, Romania and Turkey.

The NEA also announced the possible investment in Areva. Last month, Areva said the capital of New Corp – the entity involved in Areva’s nuclear fuel cycle activities.


China’s operating nuclear generating capacity will double over the next five years under the country’s recently-published thirteenth Five-Year Plan. Under that plan, China aims to have all four Sanmen and Haiyang AP1000 units in operation by the end of 2017.

The country aims to start the operation of the Hualong One demonstration projects in Fuqing and Fangchenggang and begin construction on the CAP1400 demonstration project in Shidaowan.

China will also start building a number of coastal nuclear power plants and carry out “preliminary work” for inland projects.

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