Who is China Next NPP utility?

Who is China Next NPP utility?


  • Release Date: September 23, 2016

The Chinese nuclear power market has three licensed nuclear plant operators-CNNC, CGN, and SPIC.

All of them are able to hold the controlling stake in a nuclear power project.

Other operators could not hold a controlling stake and limited for many years the development of their nuclear division,

But the “Nuclear Power Administrative Regulations” recently released put forward the principle of encouraging the diversification of nuclear investors and clarified the conditions to accept new nuclear investors:

* To hold at least 25% shares in nuclear projects,

* at least 8-year experience in nuclear construction and operation,

* a well-established nuclear professional talent team,

* a strong financing and funding capacity

SPIC has a license to operate NPP, but China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corp. China Huadian Corp. and China Guodian Corp. already have shares in certain nuclear projects.

While considering the construction and operation experience, China Datang Corp. could meet the 8 plus year requirement.

Taken together all the factors, China Datang, China Huadian and Huaneng Group are most likely to be soon listed as the new NPP operators in China.

Besides, China Nuclear E&C Group (CNEC) is also widely considered as a competitive potential operator in the future.

Elaine Li

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Elaine Li

Elaine Li (李益楠) is Marketing Manager for the Chinese Market. With ten years of experience in the nuclear power market, Elaine is experts for the certification of safety equipment (HAF 604 and 601) and marketing intelligence.