China National Uranium Co will increase its uranium mining by 2020

China National Uranium Co will increase its uranium mining by 2020

At the “2018 China International Mining Conference · Natural Uranium Forum ” Mr. Su Xuebin, Chief Engineer from China National Uranium Co., Ltd declared that by 2020, China will increase its uranium mining by 2020. “we will complete two grand-scale uranium mines of Ili and Tongliao with the capacity of 1,000 tons.”

China Uranium Mining is the sole supplier of natural uranium products in China.

Mr. Su Xuebin added that the China National Uranium Co., focused on sandstone-type uranium deposits in northern sedimentary basins, and discovered a large number of grand-scale uranium ore that are economically extractable in the basins of Lli, Ordos and Song-liao. It predicts that the new uranium resources are equivalent to the sum of proven resources accumulated in the last 45 years.

China National Uranium Co., is planning to approach potential stakeholders to jointly set up a new entity that will revolutionize the mining industry in China. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), its parent. Company is also looking to invest in overseas uranium mines to secure supply. China’s uranium demand is expected to grow to around 10,800 tons by 2020, rising to 88,000-100,000 tons by 2025. CNNC is set to account for 4,800 tons by 2020.

NβN Tip: the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (BRIUG) is is the only national uranium geoscientific center in China, located in Beijing.

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