China National Nuclear Power Company growing profit

China National Nuclear Power Company growing profit

On August 9, the head of China National Nuclear Corporation, Qian Zhimin and Yu Peigen chaired the board of the subsidiary China National Nuclear Power Company (CNNP*) to review the performance of the company.

The leaders announced that during the first-half of 2016, CNNP operation revenue reaches (USD 2.115 Billion) 14.131 billion Yuan , an increase of 9.6% compared to the same period last year and generated a net profit of 0.99% ( USD 373.85 Million) 2.497 billion Yuan.

UP to now, CNNP fleet produced 40 Gwh of electricity, a 10.17% growth. The growth in revenue in the first half is due to the increase of plants in the portfolio of CNNP, such as Fangjiashan 2, Fuqing 2 and Hainan 1.

In addition, it has approved totally nine bills and proposals, including the creation of China Nuclear (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Corporation and the set up of China Nuclear Overseas Investments limited Company.

*CNNP is engaged in the investment, development, construction, operation and management of the Nuclear Power Projects. Its portfolio includes Qinshan, Tianwan, Fuqing, Sanmen and Changjiang project.

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