China’s multipurpose SMR project passes safety analysis

China’s multipurpose SMR project passes safety analysis

On June 23, the preliminary safety analysis report of Hainan Changjiang Multipurpose Small Modular Reactor (ACP100) Science and Technology Demonstration Project was reviewed and approved at the National Nuclear Safety Administration meeting in Beijing, which created the necessary conditions for Hainan Small Reactor Demonstration Project construction license.

Hainan Small Reactor Demonstration Project adopts the ACP100 (Linglong No. 1) modular small reactor technology led by the Nuclear Power Institute of China. It features lots of world-class leading technologies such as a modular high-efficiency DC steam generator, a control rod drive mechanism, a high-temperature coil, and a static rod power supply. As a new type of safe and economic nuclear power reactor, modular small reactor is a new direction in nuclear energy development which is encouraged by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The upcoming Linglong No. 1 demonstration project is a commercial demonstration project aimed at verifying the design, manufacturing, construction and operation technology, as well as accumulating valuable experience in small nuclear power plants. In the future, it will be a powerful supplement to other energy sources and large nuclear power plants, gradually tapping into the commercial market for its kind.

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