China Montague uranium base continues high output

China Montague uranium base continues high output

The Montague uranium deposit, located at the foot of the Wusun Mountain along the Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang District, in southwest of China, is a large base of green uranium mines in China. Meantime, it is a uranium mine with the largest single designed capacity, and its production capacity accounts for half of China’s domestic natural uranium output.

Since it was built in 2016 by *Xinjiang CNNC-Tianshan Uranium Industry Co., Ltd.  as China’s first 1,000-ton large-scale green uranium mine, the Montague Uranium Deposit has become a significant mainstay to enhance China’s natural uranium supply capabilities. It uses a fully automatic in-situ leach of uranium, producing uranium known as “nuclear power grain” 24 hours a day.

As of February 20, 2020, the production tasks planned for February were 100% completed, and were not interrupted by the epidemic in China.


*Xinjiang CNNC-Tianshan Uranium Industry Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Geological and Mineral Division of CNNC and is responsible for the extraction of natural uranium in Xinjiang. Since 1987, the company has carried out tests and production in Xinjiang Yili Basin and Xinjiang Tuha Basin.It has now become a large domestic leaching uranium mining enterprise. It is not only one of the four major natural uranium production bases of CNNC, but also the Demonstration Base of CNNC for Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources.

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