China and Kazakhstan nuclear fuel deal

China and Kazakhstan nuclear fuel deal

Kazakhstan will supply fuel pellets to Chinese companies. Commissioning of the new plant and production of the first batch of fuel pellets is scheduled for 2019.

The relevant documents enabling such transactions between Ulba Metallurgical Plant (UMP), a subsidiary of Kazakh uranium producer KazAtomProm, and CGNPC-URC, a subsidiary of China General Nuclear (CGN) mention a production capacity for 200 tons per year.

Announcing our latest information, KazAtomProm said the signing ceremony was attended by its Chairman, Askar Zhumagaliyev, CGN President Zhang Shanmin, UMP Chairman Yuri Shakhvorostov and CGNPC-URC Deputy General Manager Cai Yusheng.

Kazakhstan will supply 180 tonnes of nuclear fuel pellets to Chinese utilities between 2016-2018. The parties have also agreed upon the timing of the purchase of nuclear fuel pellets produced in Kazakhstan until 2024.

The agreements will enable UMP to have “operational activity with a mid-term perspective”.

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