China invests in the UK

China invests in the UK

On December 15, to complement the 9th China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue, the National Energy Administration and the UK Department of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy jointly held the fifth Sino-British Energy Dialogue in Beijing. Mr. He Yu, chairman of China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), met with Gregg Clark, secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy of UK. Both parties focused on nuclear power projects in the UK, Hualong No.1 General Design Review (GDA), Supply Chain cooperation, renewable energy development and other related issues. On the sidelines of the meeting, “China-UK Clean Energy Partnership Implementation Plan of Action.” was inked.


The Action Plan has identified key areas for future cooperation between the two sides, including clean energy technologies, civilian nuclear energy, power market reform and third country cooperation under the “One Belt and Road Initiative.” The signing of this plan of action marks a new stage in the energy relations between China and Britain.


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