China has invested 1.7 billion pounds in the UK

China has invested 1.7 billion pounds in the UK

Since CGN, EDF and the British government signed the UK Nuclear power Project package agreement, currently there has been 15 Chinese enterprises passing the Hinckley C  Point project prequalification, and 7 enterprises to participate in subcontracting. On January 31, Premier Li Keqiang and British Prime Minister Theresa May attended the Sino-British Entrepreneur Committee. He Yu, chairman of CGN, spoke as a Chinese representative and briefed the two leaders on the progress of China’s largest investment projects in the UK and Europe.

He Yu disclosed that 10 British companies have passed the Chinese qualification review to participate in China’s nuclear power project and GDA of Hualong with cooperation value amounted to 300 million pounds; 15 Chinese companies through the British prequalification, 7 companies to participate in subcontracting.

In addition, CGN cooperate with British Rolls-Royce in the field of instrumentation, and with British Uranium Enrichment Company (URENCO) in the supply of enriched uranium.

On the same day, the China-UK entrepreneur Committee was founded, under the sponsorship of Ministry of Commerce and the British International Trade Department. The Committee aims to promote China-UK cooperation and development in trade, investment, science and technology, tourism and other economic and trade fields, and to provide support for both companies. The Council consists of representatives from the 15 units of the two countries, including CGN, CCB, CRRC, Sinopec, PetroChina, Huawei, BYD, BP, HSBC, Inmarsat, London Stock Exchange, Manchester University, etc., covering advanced manufacturing, energy supply, financial services and many other fields.

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