China enrols foreign talents for the nuclear program

China enrols foreign talents for the nuclear program


  • Release Date: January 17, 2017

On January 16, Tsinghua University signed a co-culture agreement with the State Power Investment Corporation and the China General Nuclear Corporation to educate the international nuclear graduate students. This program focusing on the nuclear energy and the nuclear technology engineering courses is scheduled to start from 2017 with a planned enrolment of 30 foreign postgraduate students annually.

This program is aimed to cultivate a group of internationally leading personnel with overall nuclear knowledge and expertise and the engineering and technical backbones who could fully devote himself to the nuclear industry and improve the nuclear related capability. Besides, the educated students would have a broad view to the nuclear industry development and own the basic engineering qualities and specialty advantages.

Moreover, the Ministry of Education of China and the National Energy Administration has signed a memorandum regarding the international nuclear talents training and education program and would establish a cooperative mechanism for the nuclear high-level talents cultivating.

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