China creates a global nuclear supply chain

China creates a global nuclear supply chain

Taking the opportunity of B20, the general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) Qian Zhimin met respectively with the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri, the CEO of Kazatomprom Mr.Askar Kuanyschewitsch Schumagalijew and Preston Swafford, CEO and President of CANDU Energy.

Qian Zhimin stated that China wants to develop the whole nuclear chain with Kazatomprom, while M. Schumagalijew delivered the message that the President of Kazakhstan is actively promoting the cooperation between Kazakh and Chinese enterprises, especially in the aspects of uranium exploitation and conversion, transportation and fuel pellets manufacturing.

During the meeting with Candu Energy, both sides exchanged in deep detail about the development of CANDU reactors, the promotion of CANDU technology, nuclear fuel, SMR as well as new reactor planning.

B20 is a significant supporting event of G20 and also an essential platform for global business enterprises to participate in the international trade and economy. During the ceremony of B20, other countries proposed some initiatives of nuclear cooperation to Chinese President Xi Jinping as well.

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