China contracts GE for Daya Bay

China contracts GE for Daya Bay

General Electric (GE), based in USA, announced today that its Power Services business has signed a 12-year agreement with Daya Bay Nuclear Management Company (DNMC) site’s operating company under which it will provide services including the supply of spare parts, engineering support, on-site service, and repair and life extension for the steam turbines of the six units at Daya Bay.

GE is committed to doing its part to contribute to the economic and social development of Guangdong and Hong Kong.”
Hong Kong gets much of its power from mainland China, in particular about 80% of the output from Daya Bay’s 1888 MWe net nuclear capacity is sent there. Hong Kong utility China Light & Power (CLP) has a 25% equity stake in the Daya Bay plant. The Hong Kong government plans to close down its coal-fired plants, and by 2020 to get 50% of its power from mainland nuclear, up from the current 23%.

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