China builds Turkey’s third nuclear power plant

China builds Turkey’s third nuclear power plant

Fatih Dönmez

“We want to build the third nuclear power plant in Thrace, and we will do the work with the Chinese,” said Fatih Dönmez, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, on August 8th.

The minister’s statement means that Turkey is partnering with China to implement its third nuclear power plant, planned to be built in Thrace on the European side of the country. “We have the largest energy consumption in the Istanbul region as well as in the Marmara region. We see The right place for the atomic power station is in Thrace, and we will determine the location after the completion of the engineering survey”. “China is one of the countries that is actively building nuclear power plants,” he said, adding that “they are also very open on the issue of technology exchange, so we will build the third nuclear power plant jointly with China”.

Rosatom began building unit No. 1 of Turkey’s first nuclear power station, Akkuyu, on April 3rd. The Akkuyu plant includes four Russian-made VVER – 3+ 1200 MW reactors. The Russian investment in this project is 22 billion dollars. Akkuyu is the world’s first hydroelectric plant to be built as a BOO (Build – Own – Operate) project. According to this model, Russia will build, own and manage the plant.

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