China awards Russia a $1.7billion contract

China awards Russia a $1.7billion contract

According to the “Cooperation Protocol of China and Russia in the construction of Xu Dabao nuclear power plant units”, CNNC-Liaoning Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., CNNC-Sueneng Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and China Nuclear Energy Industry Co., Ltd will sign with Russian ASE under Rosatom the “General Contract for Units 3 and 4 of Xu Dapu Nuclear Power Plant” with a value of US$ 1.702 billion.

According to the contract, units 3 and 4 of the Xu Dabao nuclear power plant in Huludao City, Liaoning Province are scheduled to start construction in October 2021 and August 2022 respectively. The construction period of a single unit is 69 months (including 4 months for winter intermittent period).

Russia has overall technical responsibility for the design of the power station, is responsible for nuclear island design, participates in the joint design of the instrument control system, and is responsible for nuclear island owners such as reactor pressure vessels. Provision of equipment and some nuclear island auxiliary equipment; provision of technical specifications for nuclear island equipment supplied by the Russian side and nuclear fuel for the first furnace; and accompanying services during the procurement, construction, and commissioning of the equipment implemented by the Chinese side.

The Chinese side is responsible for the general plan of the power station, the conventional island, and the BOP design. According to the contractual division of the two parties, the company will take the lead or participate in the joint design of the instrument control system, and be responsible for the supply of the remaining equipment of the nuclear island and all the conventional islands and BOP equipment, debugging, etc.


NβN tip: Xu Dapu NPP two units are jointly constructed by China and Russia, featuring Russian-designed VVER-1200/V491. It is planned to be equipped with a domestic steam turbine generator set. The reference power station (nuclear island) is the second phase of the Leningrad nuclear power plant (Phase II). The rated thermal power of the nuclear island is 3212MW (1MW=1000KW). The designed operation life of the power station is 60 years. The annual average design availability rate during life is not less than 90%.

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