China appeals for Nuclear Technological Cooperation

China appeals for Nuclear Technological Cooperation


  • Release Date: December 15, 2016

On December 12, Mr. Wu Haitao, the deputy representative of China in UN appeals to the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) to promote the trans-continental cooperation in the nuclear technology, so that the international community could share the common achievements in the nuclear development.

During the 71th UN General Assembly, Mr. Wu stated that IAEA shall further the resource investment and deepen the collaboration in the nuclear energy and nuclear technology, and meanwhile to enhance the technical support to its members, especially the developing countries, so that the member countries could get sufficient resource guarantee.

Besides, as the spokesman, he urged the IAEA to maintain the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and strengthen the supervision system.

He added that, IAEA is a reliable platform for the international cooperation in maintaining the nuclear safety and security. China is a strong advocate for IAEA’s core role in integrating the global resources to serve the nuclear countries.

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