China aim to commercialize fusion energy in 30 years

China aim to commercialize fusion energy in 30 years

ENN Group, a specific company engaged in clean energy development and utilization in China, launched the “Artificial Sun” –Xuanlong-50, which is China first medium-sized spherical tokamak fusion experimental device. It has realized the first plasma discharge and initiate officially the physical experiment

The device is another magnetically constrained high temperature plasma experimental device after the Tokamak fusion and the stellarator fusion device.

According to reports, the device was designed and built by ENN Group since from October 2018. The completion of the device provides a relatively sound experimental platform for accelerating fusion research.

ENN Group has long been committed to clean energy technology innovation. Its energy research institute began to explore fusion technology in 2017, and its main research direction is compact, pollution-free and low-cost energy technology. It has the first provincial-level compact fusion lab in China.

As a strong force in fusion research and development, ENN Group’s compact fusion key laboratory also carries out cooperation with China Academy of Engineering Physics, the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Nuclear Southwest Institute of Physics, aiming to  realize the commercialization of fusion energy within 30 years in China.

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