CGN in tough competition

CGN in tough competition


  • Release Date: March 17, 2017

There are six competitors attempting to win the nuclear plant expansion project in Czech Republic, including Rosatom, Westinghouse, EDF, Atmea (the Joint Venture of AREVA and Mitsubishi), KHNP and CGN.

The Czech Republic is still in the process to approve the expansion of Temelin nuclear power plant, while CEZ is taking the lead in this expansion project and selecting specific companies for this project.

Russian has submitted a proposal including the reactors construction and the delivering model. It could copy the model of the Hanhikivi project in Finland, or follow the BOO model of Akkuyu project in Turkey. CGN follows the Russian strategy and internally evaluates its capacity to beat the competition by injecting more incentive for the local industry. But CGN bid is also integrated in a global trade agreement between Czech Republic and China. Czech Republic is the largest trading partner of China in eastern and central Europe with more than 11 billion USD of trade exchange last year, it is considered as a strategic partner for the One Belt, One road strategy.

Though the Czech Republic government cannot make any decision to move forward, this project will have to wait for the new government in October.

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