CGN three main targets

CGN three main targets

On January 23, CGN held “2018 press conference” respectively in Beijing and Shenzhen. The deputy general manager of CNPRI Mr. Hao Zhijian released three major star scientific researches of CGN.


  1. Plasma solid Waste melting system


On January 10, 2018, 10 tons/day Plasma hazardous waste treatment project in Guangdong Qingyuan formally passed the completion of acceptance and expert review, which signifies the nuclear Plasma hazardous waste treatment technology has been successfully applied to the demonstration projects in civil Environmental Protection field. At present, the CGN Nuclear Power Research Institute has signed strategic cooperation agreements with several well-known companies regarding three commercial operation project supply contracts, located in Guangdong Qingyuan, Dongguan and Gansu Kinta.


  1. Nuclear robot


With the upgrading of nuclear power technology and the public’s high attention to nuclear safety, the use of advanced robotics technology to solve the nuclear power plant in the special environment of daily maintenance, accident treatment and other complex operations has become a global development hotspot.

CGN Nuclear Power Research Institute has achieved more than 1 billion supply performance with a variety of products successfully being applied to Fangchenggang, Yangjiang, Hongyanhe, Daya Bay and other nuclear power bases. In the future, it will further promote the achievements of nuclear power robots to civilian special industries.


  1. Small reactor


The small modular reactor has become an important direction of the international nuclear energy development. At present, CGN is using Tsinghua University’s mature NHR200-II low-temperature heating reactor technology, to promote the implementation of demonstration projects. The technology passed the National Nuclear Safety Agency Security review in the early 90 ‘s and ranked first in a SMR technical route review organized by the National Energy Agency in 2016 for domestic industry experts.

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