CGN stresses ‘China nuclear standards’

CGN stresses ‘China nuclear standards’


  • Release Date: March 24, 2017

China’s National Energy Administration, Standardization Administration and National Nuclear Safety Administration gave the go-ahead in response to an application made by the China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) to build a demonstration program for the development of China’s own nuclear power standards based on the Phase II project of Fanchenggang Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), a HPR1000 demonstration project.

The nuclear power standardization program will be carried out through HPR1000 demonstration projects, including unit 3 at CGN’s Fangchenggang NPP and unit 5 at CNNC’s Fuqing NPP.

It will take four years to further improve and optimize the existing PWR technology standards and to establish an independent system of PWR technology standards that will be able to satisfy the construction needs in China as well as overseas requests.

According to Mr. He Yu, China has more than 600 items related to nuclear power standards. “Most of the generic standards can be adopted directly after going through applicability analysis and verification, while some others can be used after improvement. However, when it comes to brand-new innovative designs, new standards should be worked out to supplement existing ones.”

“The PWR technology standards system will carefully cover the full life cycle of the nuclear power’s industry chain. Our goal is to formulate a set of national and industry standards equivalent to those at international levels.”

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