CGN proposals during the two sessions

CGN proposals during the two sessions


  • Release Date: March 22, 2017

Mr. He Yu, president of China General Nuclear put forward two proposals regarding the current nuclear development in China’s annual “Two Sessions”.

First is “to guarantee the base-load operation of the nuclear power”, as China has not realized the full use of the nuclear generating electricity.

The second proposal concentrates on the public acceptance to the nuclear power development. In his viewpoints, the public does not grasp the positive impact of the nuclear energy even if the nuclear enterprises spend much resources popularizing science activities with the community.


These issues become the major challenges for a domestic nuclear development. And the public rejection went up to 19%.


Mr. He Yu brought up three suggestions:

  1. To ensure the base load operation of the nuclear power and list the nuclear power source as the top priority.
  2. To learn from other countries experience and push forward the reform of the electricity market.
  3. To strengthen the government’s role in the planning and coordination.


President He Yu also pointed out the Chinese industry could promote the nuclear education and the communication to the public with the support of a lobbying model created and financed by the government. Up to now, the Industry bares the cost of the promotion, but the public does not trust the direct stakeholders.

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