CGN and Orient Landscape invest in LLW management

CGN and Orient Landscape invest in LLW management


  • Release Date: March 30, 2017

The CGN Research Institute and the Orient Landscape Industry Company(OL)signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement as well as a contract regarding the low-level waste treatment.

According to the deal, the CGN Research Institute will invest in research and development of the waste treatment technology using plasma treatment and the design and development of the related equipment.

OL will combine capital investment and its industry experience in the project.


Both sides will extend full scope cooperation in the rad-waste technology development, the nuclear decommissioning technologies and the solid waste study as well as energy-saving and environment protection.

In addition, CGN and OL will jointly study new technologies, develop new equipment and build new facilities to promote the environment protection industry in China. Such as the first demonstration project of plasma treatment for LLW will be soon launched.



*OL: it is a comprehensive supplier for the industry environmental protection and resource regeneration. Currently it is engaged in the investment, operation and technological development in the fields including the landscape construction, biotechnology, environmental protection and its business scope covers the industrial dangerous waste, resource recycling and the countryside rubbish etc.



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