CFHI and SNERDI launch a joint R&D center

CFHI and SNERDI launch a joint R&D center

On September 6, 2019, Liu Mingzhong, Party Secretary and president of China First Heavy Industry Group(“CFHI”) visited Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (“SNERDI”) for the unveiling ceremony of “Joint Research Center of Heavy Casting and Forging for nuclear use”. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Mingtan, general manager of SNERDI. And General Manager of CFHI Sui Bingli and State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd Hu Jiandong attended the ceremony as well.

The jointly established “Research Center”, aims to continuously carry out research and development of nuclear power materials and to promote the application of scientific research results. Chen Yu, deputy general manager of SNERDI, looked forward to the cooperation in technology development, engineering construction and personnel training. Liu Mingzhong proposed that they continue to deepen cooperation in complicated forging manufacturing technology, numerical simulation technology for large forgings manufacturing, development and manufacture of new types of equipment, development and application of new materials and new manufacturing processes.

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