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PT PAL Indonesia joins Thorcon International for a Molten Salt Thorium Reactor

PT PAL Indonesia and Thorcon International are currently studying the construction of a 500 megawatt (MW) nuclear power plant (PLTN ). However, building the plant requires permission from the Ministry

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China aim to commercialize fusion energy in 30 years

ENN Group, a specific company engaged in clean energy development and utilization in China, launched the “Artificial Sun” –Xuanlong-50, which is China first medium-sized spherical tokamak fusion experimental device. It

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CAS nuclear design software meets European standards

Recently, the neutron transmitting design and safety assessment software system “SuperMC”, independently developed by the Institute of Nuclear Safety Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has passed the applicability evaluation

India Subcontinent Technology

HEC Special Steel for Nuclear Power

The HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation) has developed two particular types of steel for construction in the fields of nuclear power and marine equipment. This High Impact Steel (DMRL) can bear

Other countries Technology

Russia develops a new Thorium-based nuclear fuel

Scientists at the Tomsk Technological University have been able to create nuclear fuel based on radioactive thorium for the latest generation of nuclear reactors. This fuel is also expected to

Greater China Technology

CNNC launched AI-integrated nuclear program

On May 9, China National Nuclear Corporation officially launched strategic planning project to integrate artificial intelligence in the nuclear technology industry. The project embodies the confidence and synergy of 150,000

Latin America Technology

Argentina presents an artificial neuronal network in the ASME conference

During the ASME 2019 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference on July 14th,   in Texas, the Argentine company IMPSA  introduced an innovative application: an artificial neuronal network in the structural design

Latin America Technology

Argentina builds a reactor in Mendoza

The National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the company IMPSA develop a modular nuclear power plant that is among the most modern in the world. They seek to give more

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A Chinese virtual nuclear power plant

Chinese scientists have developed a virtual nuclear power plant in a digital society, a software system to assess the safety and efficiency of nuclear energy systems. The research on the