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Business activities & Projects Greater China Technology

Launch of a Virtual Reality Engineering Application Lab in Shenzhen

In the middle of October, China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC, a subsidiary of China General Nuclear Corp.) launched a Virtual Reality Engineering Application Lab in Shenzhen to introduce the

Greater China Technology

Sino-Russian Nuclear Medicine Cooperation

The Sino-Russian Nuclear Medicine Cooperation has a broad future. In early 2016, Russia succeeded in a treatment test which eliminates the cancer by using the nuclear medicine. Nuclear Medicine, by

Middle East Technology

Nuclear concrete made in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti inventor Issa Abdulrahman Al-Nasrallah presented to the 22nd GCC youth science forum a project for cementing walls of nuclear reactors and plans to export this as a patent

Greater China Technology

Made in China: The 4th Generation Nuclear Reactors

Earlier in August this year, a joint expert team consisting of China First Heavy Industry (CFHI), China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation (CNEC) and the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy

Business activities & Projects India Subcontinent Technology

India will use TVS-2M nuclear fuel

Rosatom established TVEL Fuel Company in order to provide the best management and scientific structure in the Russian nuclear fuel cycle, to improve the effectiveness of the fuel production and

Business activities & Projects Middle East Technology

Saudi’s first nuclear reactor

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable energy (K.A. CARE) announced the partnership with the Korean Nuclear Energy Research Institute to develop the technology of a small compact nuclear reactor

Business activities & Projects Middle East Safety & Regulation Technology

Iran and Europe nuclear cooperation

During the General Conference at IAEA, Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi, Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced that Iran is cooperating with Switzerland, Czech Republic, several other countries

India Subcontinent Technology

A third competitor in the HWR market

India will build 16 new reactors within 5 years with a capacity to generate 16100 MW electricity. Out of these 16 reactors 8 will be based on PHWR technology with

Business activities & Projects Greater China Other countries Technology

Canada and China fuel recycling business

An agreement in principle to form a new joint venture to develop, market and construct the Advanced Fuel Candu Reactor (*AFCR) has been signed by Canada’s SNC-Lavalin, China National Nuclear