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China expands the use of nuclear technology in the treatment of industrial wastewater

China is steadily advancing the use of nuclear technology to treat industrial effluents. The promotion of this technology will contribute to cope with the sewage treatment problems in industrial production.

Greater China Technology

The Chinese nuclear fusion reactor reached 100 million degrees

An experimental nuclear reactor, located in the Chinese city of Hefei, managed to reach a plasma temperature of more than 100 million degrees Celsius, a level necessary for stable conditions

Latin America Technology

Beginning of integration tests of LABGENE turbo generators

The Ministry of Defense, Health, Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications and the Brazilian Navy (MB) held on June 8, at the Nuclear Industrial Center of Aramar (Iperó-SP), with the presence

Latin America Technology

30 Years of Uranium Enrichment in Brazil

In January, the first conventional submarine Riachuelo (S-BR) was transferred to the UFEM of the Complex of Itaguaí. The following month, in the presence of President Michel Temer, the final

Greater China Marketing & Strategy Technology

CHN Energy steps in Gen-IV nuclear technology

On November 8, Mr. Ling Wen, general manager of CHN Energy and Li Xiaohong, president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, met with Bill Gates, chairman of TerraPower, in Beijing. Mr.

Greater China Technology

A Floating Nuclear Power Plant in Northern China

The offshore ACP100 floating nuclear power plant designed by CNNC is a small modular reactor and will be used for heating in Northeast of China.

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The energy strategy in Mid-Eastern China

Du Xiangwan, an expert Chinese Academy of Engineering, explains that Mid-Eastern China will become the priority for nuclear energy development.

Middle East Technology

KACST inaugurates its first nuclear research reactor

KACTS reactor in Saudi Arabia will be used for research, nuclear science, engineering and participate to the development of the domestic nuclear industry.

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US restriction of nuclear sales to China, so what?

The recent US restriction of nuclear sales to China, have no real impact, except in the media