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Greater China Technology

The progress of the Travelling Wave Reactor

Global Innovation Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. (“Global Nuclear“), a joint venture between CNNC and TerraPower, will complete the design and the construction of the demonstration project of TWR-300 (300 MW)

Greater China Technology

The progress of the Yanlong reactor

On April 26, Rong Jian, deputy director of the China Nuclear Power Development Center, a department of the National Energy Administration, went to China Institute of Atomic Energy to investigate

Greater China Latin America Technology

CNNC commercial approach in Chile: from radiopharmaceuticals to SMR

Patricio Aguilera, Executive Director of the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy (CCHEN) received a delegation of China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) headed by its Vice President Jian Ding. This visit

Latin America Technology

Argentina invests in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Argentina invests in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). The BNCT bases its action on two basic elements: neutrons, which can be obtained from a nuclear research reactor; and boron, a

Greater China Middle East Technology

China-Iran nuclear business

On April 11th, China and Iran held in Beijing a civilian nuclear cooperation seminar under the Joint Comprehensive Planof Action (JCPOA). Both countries are strengthening their civil nuclear cooperation and

Greater China Technology

Terrapower and CNNC

Terrapower partnered with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to develop a “fourth-generation” nuclear fission technology. It is also known as the traveling wave reactor (TWR). The TWR is expected to

Greater China Technology

CNNC Huaxing Agreement with China Design Group

On March 20, CNNC Huaxing and ChinaDesign Group Co., Ltd. worked out a strategic cooperation agreement at the headquarters in Nanjing. Zhou Bo, deputy general manager of the Huaxing, and

Middle East Technology

Egypt increases its production of radioisotopes

The head of the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, “Atef Abdel Hamid”, said in a statement on the TV channel “DMC”, that the *”Anshas” nuclear reactor is used in Egypt to

Greater China Technology

China’s SMR pilot project

CNNC recently announced that its design review of the Hainan Changjiang SMR Demonstration Project using its own brand “Linglong 1” technology (ACP100) was completed, laying the foundation for the engineering