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Chinese investment in Ukrainian nuclear fuel

Chinese state-owned company China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation (CNEIC) is in discussion in Ukraine to build a nuclear fuel factory. This manufacture will supply VVER reactors. The main partner and

India Subcontinent Supply chain & Procurement

Bids calling for The Radiation Education Equipment Kit

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board is inviting bids for following items of the Radiation Education Equipment Kit: Technical_Requirements_Printed_Circuit_Boards Technical_Requirements_Front_Panels Technical_Requirements_Enclosure_Molding Technical_Requirements_Geiger_Muller_Detector_Tubes Technical_Requirements_Electronic_Accessories   Contact: Address : Sri Lanka Atomic Energy

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement

CNNC development base in Tianjin

Mr. He Zixing (CNNC) and Mr. Zhao Haishan, vice mayor of Tianjin, signed in June a strategic cooperation framework agreement. CNNC and Tianjin will cooperate in basic research, proton-based cancer

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement Technology

Localization of the CAP1400 steam generator

According to the latest news of the State Power Investment Corporation, the “CAP1400 steam generator development” project in the “large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant”, which was led

India Subcontinent Supply chain & Procurement

EDF and GE will build reactors for the Indian EPR

GE and French utility EDF have agreed to team to build six reactors for a nuclear power project in western India, which is due to be the world’s biggest when

Latin America Supply chain & Procurement Technology

Manufacturing of the main pools of the RA-10

Secin SA metallurgical company completed the basin of the rector and the multipurpose nuclear reactor service pool that the CNEA builds in the Ezeiza Atomic Center. The president of the

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement Technology

Suzhou—a new platform for Nuclear Talents

On June 6, Cao Shudong, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), paid a courtesy call to Zhou Naixiang, secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement

CNNC dual integration strategy

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy signed a framework agreement on the strategic integration of military and civilian development in the relevant areas on

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement

Chengdu, a rising start in Nuclear Business

On May 22, Huang Mingang, chief economist of China National Nuclear Corporation, met with Liu Liedong, deputy mayor of Chengdu,a southwestern city in China, and his delegation at the headquarters.