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BYD opens first lithium battery factory in Brazil

On August 26, BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, battery-powered bicycles, buses, forklifts, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, announced that it started operating its first factory dedicated to the production of

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement

Questions about Uranium Reserve

Among the publicly available data, the situation of China domestic uranium resources is not rosy. However, “China’s data on uranium reserves tend to be confidential. At present, the data you

Africa Marketing & Strategy Supply chain & Procurement

Botswana opportunities in Coal Mining

During a visit to Minergy Limited Mine in Medie (Kweneng District) Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, and Energy Security, Mr. Lefoko Moagi, stated that there is a need to

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COVID-19 turns the tide of uranium supply & demand

International uranium prices have risen more than 30 per cent so far this year, making it a “rare” goods in commodity markets. Some analysts believe that this year the global

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CNI 23 hoisted in place equipment for new build

On May 26, the first pre-installed equipment- the compressed air tank- for Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Unit 1, which was built by China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd (CNI-23), was

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement

Delivery of a new nuclear fuel batch to the Bushehr NPP

The Russian embassy in Iran revealed that Russia has delivered to Iran a new shipment of nuclear fuel for the Bushehr nuclear power plant. The embassy said in a statement

Latin America Safety & Regulation Supply chain & Procurement

Brazil replaces foreign Investors for EPC contractor in Angra

The Council of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) approved on June 10th, the report of the interministerial committee of Angra 3, which recommended the hiring of a company to complete

Africa Marketing & Strategy Supply chain & Procurement

Uranium mining is contracting in Namibia

The Bank of Namibia’s Economic Outlook Update indicated recently that uranium mining is contracting during 2020, followed by a mild recovery in 2021. “The uranium mining sector is continuously declining

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement Technology

KEPCO exports its NPP pipe management program to UAE

KEPCO Engineering and Construction Company announced on Thursday, April 23, that it outperformed its American and French competitors and won a bid by the “Nawah Energy” Company, a subsidiary of