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Middle East Safety & Regulation

A radiological Device missing from the Iranian Bushehr reactor

A missing radioactive device from the Bushehr nuclear reactor has raised concerns of possible misuse or incorrect handling. The device went missing after the vehicle it was transporting it was

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China, South Korea and Japan nuclear safety future

On Nov.29-30, the 9th Nuclear Safety Regulatory Senior Officials Meeting—the 4th SOM workshop was inaugurated in Beijing. Mr. Liu Hua, chief engineer of the nuclear safety and at the same

Middle East Safety & Regulation

The 13th Arab Conference on peaceful uses of atomic energy in Tunisia

The 13th Arab Conference on peaceful uses of atomic energy held by the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) in collaboration with the National Centre for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (CNSTN)

Middle East Safety & Regulation

Saudi Arabia participated in ICNS

On Friday ,9 December 2016 the 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Security Commitments and Actions concluded its activities.  The Conference convened at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna over the period (5-9 December). 

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Ningde NPP impact on the environment

It is estimated that every 4 Mw of electricity generated by nuclear power equals to the consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. Compared with hydropower, wind power and

Greater China Safety & Regulation

New Leader at NNSA

It is declared that Mr. Liu Hua, the previous Chief Engineer of the Nuclear Safety in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, has been promoted to be the Director General of

Greater China Safety & Regulation

China plans 8 units in 2017

The National Energy Administration (NEA) revealed on 17th that China will actively move forward with the approval and construction of the qualified nuclear power projects within 2017 and is scheduled

Greater China Safety & Regulation

CAEA cares about the spent fuel reprocessing in future

As said in the medium-long term development program, by 2020 China’s installed nuclear capability in operation would reach 5800MW. It is estimated to generate around 14 thousand tons of the

Middle East Safety & Regulation

Nuclear Fuel Licensing for Barakah

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) announced on Sunday that it approved the licensing for transporting and storing nuclear fuel at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. The two licenses