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Kickoff of the 2nd batch project of CNNC’s Dragon Program

In the middle of May, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) held the “2017 Science & Technology Work Conference” in Beijing. It signifies the 2nd batch of the scientific and technological

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CNNC Proton Therapy Center

During the Annual Meeting of the 2017 Chinese Entrepreneurs held in Zhuzhou (Hunan Province), CNNC Baoyuan Property Holding Co., Ltd signed a three-party strategic cooperation agreements to jointly build an

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Incident in Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant One

According to Taiwan news, the consecutive deluge destroyed the electric tower of Taiwan Power Plant One. The unit shut down automatically after the tower collapsed.   The spokesman of the

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IAEA and SNERDI promote the nuclear field to the young generation

On 7 April 2017, a delegation led by Yukiya Amano, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), visited Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI), a subsidiary of

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CGN proposals during the two sessions

Mr. He Yu, president of China General Nuclear put forward two proposals regarding the current nuclear development in China’s annual “Two Sessions”. First is “to guarantee the base-load operation of

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Development of Nuclear for Medical Use

Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (TQNPC) has been conducting research on cobalt for medical use. The company has been the first to use cobalt regulating control rods used for medical

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Cooperation on Nuclear Emergency Medical Treatment

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)’s General Hospital and the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) jointly undertook a training project to improve the nuclear emergency medical treatment on

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Cooperation Turkey-Ukraine on nuclear education

The Director of Nuclear Sciences Institute in Ankara University, Prof. Dr. Niyazi Meriç said that the number of expert academicians related to nuclear energy was low in Turkey. In short

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China enrols foreign talents for the nuclear program

On January 16, Tsinghua University signed a co-culture agreement with the State Power Investment Corporation and the China General Nuclear Corporation to educate the international nuclear graduate students. This program