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United Nations Technology Bank is established in Turkey

During the United Nations (UN) Least Developed Countries Conference in 2011, which took place in 2015, it was decided to establish an international technology bank for less developed countries and

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Hefei University participates in the Hualong One

On August 10, a delegation led by Mr. Xu Pengfei, the General Manager of Hualong International Nuclear Power Technology Co., visited Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) in AnHui Province. The

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China-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission on Nuclear Energy

On August 23,the third session of Sino-Saudi Joint Commission on Nuclear Energy was held in Beijing. Mr. Nur Bekri, Director of National Energy Administration (NEA), and Dr. Hashim A. Yamani,

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South Africa leader in the nuclear medicine market

The global nuclear medicine market, which includes radioisotopes and medical equipment, was valued at over US$11-billion in 2016, and is now projected to reach nearly US$20-billion by 2021.   South

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The winner of 2nd YEKA project tender

In the framework of the second project of YEKA (Renewable Energy Resource Areas) strategy in Turkey, 8 giant companies having  90% of the world wind energy market established consortiums with

Marketing & Strategy Middle East Other Topics Technology

Jordan next Atomic Energy Forum

The Arab Atomic Energy Association in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ministerial Arab Council of Electricity of the Arab League and the Arab Union for Electricity, announced the launch

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Taiwan energy plan failed

Half of Taiwan experienced a power outage yesterday and the Minister of Economic Affairs Lee Chih-kung resigned after a blunder at a large natural gas plant. Three of Taiwan’s six

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Shanghai becomes a center of WANO

With the transformation of the World Nuclear Development Center, the proposal of“World Association of Nuclear Operation (WANO)-Shanghai Center”, initiated and organized by China National Nuclear Cooperation (CNNC), has been passed

Greater China Other Topics

CIAE becomes the national demonstration base to train nuclear talents

China launched the mid and long-term talent development layout plan, which aims to train a number of world-class scientists, engineers, and career-creating talents. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is in